Walk a mile.

Most have likely heard the Native American proverb, “never criticize a man until you walked a mile in his moccasins.”  It’s a simple enough concept, one that is easily accepted as wise, and just as easily dismissed during the ramblings of our day.

On the surface, we can see clearly that no matter what appears to be with a “brother or sister,” there is much more going on beyond what is recognized by our five senses.  We haven’t a notion what troubles they may be facing, what “demons” they may be wrestling, how they experience the world around them … and why.  In most instances, we may never know … and even if we do think we know a person well, there is far more to the story than is being told … or even understood consciously by that person.  And if we only but look at ourselves, we know this is true.

However, it is rather easy to slip into a place of judgement, deeming an action, word, or the person as acceptable or not.  We may feel we have great insight into the human psyche … that our intuition is telling us “this or that.”  And who knows, perhaps there is a sliver of truth in what we perceive.  But what does our focus upon the sliver cause us to miss?

In recent years I have begun delving more deeply into the mysteries of Astrology, specifically a branch of studies called “Evolutionary Astrology.”  At the time I first encountered the phrase, I was somewhat familiar with the generalities of Astrology through my studies with BOTA.  My first introduction came when I “stumbled” upon the phrase during an online search.  As I read about it, there was a resonance that rang clear … that the stars, at the moment of our birth, gave a hint, not only as to how we’re “wired,” but as well, helped us to come to grips with “why” we are here … better said, “what” we’ve come to bring back into balance.  Once again, this is such an oversimplification, but I do so in order to move on to a particular point.

Let’s say for a moment that it is possible that we’ve been here before … that we have had other lifetimes walking around dressed in flesh.  Indeed, I cannot prove this … but then again, I would be quite interested in anyone who would say they could prove otherwise.  Einstein himself said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”  Once again, is this proof to bolster my leanings?  Not quite … but are we not a form of energy?

But let’s set any arguments aside for the moment and continue on.  The Southern Node of the Moon in a birth chart (nativity) is said to be indicative of the energies that we brought into this lifetime.  There’s much at play in this, but suffice it to say for now, this Node indicates what we come “filled with.”  Its placement, sign, and aspects will offer a hint to those energies that helped us in a prior lifetime.  They were helpful in that they were a bit like tools we used to survive and move through that time … although in the grand scheme of things, they are not necessarily beneficial for continuing on.  However, they were helpful … and we knew how to use them.  The key for the present lifetime however is to not fall back on those “comfortable” means of coping, but break free from their bondage and develop new, more beneficial ways.

So when we see another person who seems to struggle with this or that, how do we know that the Universe hasn’t put them in situations where they need to learn that “something new?”  We may think they have so much farther to go.  And perhaps they do … just as we all likely do.  But just as well, what seems to be unacceptable to those seeing with human eyes, may be quite a victory in the eyes of the One.  It isn’t easy to break old habits … even when we are consciously trying to do so.  Imagine what it’s like to do so when you’re not even sure why the hell you do what you do … or think like you think … or react as you typically react?

Indeed, if we could walk a mile in another’s moccasins, perhaps we could learn more about them.  Perhaps forgiveness would come more readily.  It would certainly be a good start … but I wonder if we’d have to walk a bit more than a mile to truly get a glimpse at what they’re confronted with in this turning of the wheel?  Could it be that the one we think has so much farther to go has a much more challenging path to traverse … and that they are making great strides in overcoming it?

a footnote – as with most of these writings, more questions arise than answers offered … which may just be what we all need!

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