The “unformula.”


Is it necessary for progressing on the path “to God (1)?” One’s response is evident without words.

As well, the recognition of a “need” to do so will become evident without words. Beyond appearance, I have a sense it is a call to initiation … an invitation to come forward one more step. I have a sense we all know when there’s “something” in our life we need to address. But perhaps the “need” to address it reaches beyond what seems obvious.

Some are quite evident … as with an addiction. The form may vary, yet no matter how well adorned, is little more than a thief. What’s intriguing is how we allow him … this con … to take up residence in our home. Subtle cunning brought him to the doorstep, and then beyond. There was something rather charming about his company, as he seemed to stir something deep inside. Sometimes it’s easy to be convinced we’re “in love” … until we’re feeling a bit lost … and can’t quite put our finger on the “why.”

Perhaps one’s “leaning” toward addiction is very purposeful. Perhaps it is precisely what we need. To deem it punishment or a curse may offer it more power than it is due. It has no power other than that which we offer. Granted, many would say, “you have no idea what you’re talking about” … but I do. Mine have had keys to the abode. Enough said for now, except it may be worthwhile (re)considering these words …

Whatever the cause or reason for us being “where” we are, rest assured there is more to experience. It’s a pretty safe bet that if you’re reading this, you haven’t “arrived” … and with this being said, it’s also pretty safe to say we are continually being “called” forth. We are being called to shake off the shackles, get up from the couch, and come.

But how?

We could well be tempted to follow the way of another. There are countless formulas at our fingertips. And from the myriad choices one could arise as worthy of consideration. It may be “the answer.” If not, it may offer a starting point. We may find some inspiration, yet as well it would be wise to consider words shared by Anthony de Mello (10).

But no matter, there is always a starting point we will know. It’s a point of focus … in simplicity. This simplicity is wonderfully exemplified by another sojourner, Karl von Eckartshausen, in The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary (iii):

“… simplicity places the heart in a suitable position to receive unrefracted the light of reason, and it is this which organizes the heart of the reception of Light.”

This simplicity is the “unformula” … held as formless to those releasing themselves to the unknown. And from the formless, form would arise peculiar to each one.

Come as a child, flowing in natural rhythm.

The way of the heart.

Beating … turning.

Finding and entwining,

… until entraining.

The way of purification begins simply … in release. Expectation blooms from subtle seeds planted. Begin where you are. You know where. You could recite the whisperings verbatim. Begin with “that one thing” you know to do … or “not.” Meet it in the words that come … the thought. Shall it be wrestled into submission? Has that worked before? Or shall it be disempowered from the life we have given it? Shall we enter into it, tracing it’s source … seeing it for what it really is?

In the midst of the process, you may awaken to see the landscape altered. Don’t be surprised. Be thankful.

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