Understanding & Mercy.

Today, the focus will be on statements 3 and 4 of the Pattern on the Trestleboard.

the Tree of Life (BOTA.org)
the Tree of Life (BOTA.org)

3 – Understanding

Filled with Understanding of its perfect law, I am guided, moment by moment, along the path of liberation.

To have Wisdom is one thing, but it is only one part of the “puzzle.” Understanding is the component that allows its perfect application … and is only found in the perfect laws of the Universe. These are not laws written for the eyes to absorb and memorize. They are only found in the deep womb of the Divine, accessible only to those who willingly release themselves to be filled.

Wisdom moves within us, an idea forms, and our focus energizes its expansion … in time forming in that dark place we must be willing to go. In perfect time, Understanding arises, guiding us to our next step. The Self knows this and quietly awaits Understanding to arise in its perfect moment. This statement brings to mind the Psalmist’s utterings in Chapter 119:105: “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” What does “thy word” sound like? Would I even recognize it if it came? The Self knows …

4 – Mercy

From the exhaustless riches of its Limitless Substance, I draw all things needful, both spiritual and material.

This is a recognition that God is truly All. The Self knows this quite well. There is never concern for any of the “needs” of life. It never crosses its mind … for it knows full well the treasures of the Kingdom are limitless, and are available “as needed.” It is purely impossible for there to be lack of any kind.

But you may wonder, “if that’s the case, why is there so much lack everywhere we look?” … to which I may ask, “Could it be that what we’re “receiving” is in perfect relationship to what we’re giving?” Indeed, there could be more at play here, but for the moment, our focus is on the “Truth about the Self.”

So, a break until tomorrow. Until then … be well!

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