To the center.

Sometimes I simply need to stop and breathe. Not think. Not do. Just sit, enter the silence, and “be.”

When these moments of realization come, sometimes I do … but many more, I do not.

As this site has begun taking form, I’ve been in more of a “do not” sort of place. In fact, I’ve been in that place for a good portion of the time I’ve been here in NC. I guess you could say I’ve been running the show for the most part, allowing little “inner assistance.” Trust me, I have a lot of practice at it … and from appearances, it seems to be moving along fairly well … relatively speaking.

When I lived in the Shenandoah Valley, there was usually time set aside each evening to simply get quiet. I remember moments of excitement just thinking about the next “session.” Silly, eh? Perhaps … and perhaps not. But the bottom line is that I allowed life to creep in and re-claim its squatting place.

Life takes the lead, guiding me around by the nose or anything else it can get a good grip on … and I follow. But I’m remembering where I’ve been and how I got there … and the words flowing to this screen haven’t hurt the effort either.

All in something there Albert!”

Enjoy the day!

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