Think again.

Set in the far reaches of the Canadian wilderness, there is a story of a man who told his wife he was going out to hunt musk ox and caribou. Days turned to weeks, until his wife realized he was not coming back. For whatever reason, she thought he had left her.

Within a short time, her pain spiraled into despair, until she reached a breaking point. She walked out one day with her six children … to the edge of a lake. There, one by one, she drowned them.

Time passed and her husband was found. He had been attacked from behind by a musk ox in such a way that they were bound together. The story goes that the musk ox could not eat and died. In turn, the man could not separate himself and died as well …

… leading to those six children perishing.

Perhaps if she would have been able to think again?

Easy enough said. Life is surely confounding at times. Our own leanings seem to dwell in the shadows, often unbeknownst to us. Each of us respond in our own peculiar ways, our knees jerking in kind with who we are in the moment.

Such an extreme example leads most to say, “never would I do such a thing.” our “natural way.”

And what is a man’s “natural way?”

Better yet, what is yours? … or my own?

Which leads to one final question. What is “natural?”

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