Stirring the waters.

A day late, but I’m here.

Have you ever encountered a rain barrel up close and personal? The one I’m envisioning for my example here is not one of the fancy jobs that has a seal. I’m thinkin’ a barrel underneath a downspout … willingness to share what some may deem “deeply personal?” Or does intimacy require something far more daunting?

Imagine … “intimacy” with God.

There’s nothing you could hide. Your soul is laid bare. So, from God’s perspective, it can’t become any more intimate. So I guess that leaves us. The issue at hand may be “preparing” ourselves for the intimacy … purifying the waters … clearing the muck. It’s not that we can’t “approach” but that if indeed we do, we’ll only get from the encounter what we offer. How much am I willing to give of myself to know this God?

From what I’ve experienced thus far, this seems “right.” And thus, it seems appropriate to prepare myself for what’s coming. What comes to mind is the Qabalist story behind the Tree of Life … that it represents a “stepping down” of the intense, light vibration of the One through the ten centers of the Tree … and that as one moves back “up” the Tree, their own vibration must lighten in order to enter in.

It’s time for me to break away for the evening, but for the moment, I would ask you to consider how you would begin to “purify” yourself?

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