A step in mind.

Did you check out the last post? It was on Friday of last week … and if you’re reading this now, on Wednesday morning, well … another post finally did arise!

That day I said, “Time has come.”

And then, silence follows for the next couple days.

Although I could cast blame on my Ferrari fingers being hindered, I know that’s not the ultimate cause. I simply haven’t set the appropriate time aside to do what’s necessary to bring a piece into being. For the most part, it’s a process, and I have to focus my attention … my mind, to allow “the flow” an unfettered course through me. Sure, I can force the issue … but I typically will not. Fortunately, I’m not writing for my supper.

So … the time has come.

I stand by the words because I know they arose from something stirring within me. Is the message I’m bringing clear and concise thus far, with an ultimate goal etched on the chalkboard of my mind? Probably not … and no. But I will not allow an “apparent” lapse or perceived moment of “inactivity” to sway me. It is a process … and part of it involves beginning a “reorganization” of sorts within … and sometimes, again and again.

What do you want?

A gigantic little question, wouldn’t you say?

But a great place to start … and tied to all of it is remembering what you say you want.

Focus. Attention. Awareness. That’s what it will take to follow “it” through … whether it be a new IPOD or enlightenment.

And if you dig a bit into what has been cast in broad fashion with these words, you may just notice all of “this” centers in the mind.

So, for the moment, we will not concern ourselves with anything but this … that the journey may just be the destination and the destination, the journey.

Relish the slight realizations and epiphanies. Enjoy them, and move on. Recognize the lapses and stumblings. Enjoy them as well, and get on with it. Take a peek within at times, with perhaps a hint of expectation (?!) … and who knows what you will “see.” Ask questions, holding any answers loosely. Walk with a light heart … and a desire to truly know what “this” is all about …

And with each step of the journey, your mind is exercising anew. The ultimate tool is being fashioned for the great work … unfolding perfectly in due season. These are certainly not hard words, though some may not find them easy. Indeed, it may seem like such a small, insignificant thing … but have you ever seen a mustard seed … in comparison with what it can potentially become?


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