A single star.

That was their focus, these three men deemed wise in their time.

A single star that spoke to them in a language few could bear.

I cannot imagine that time leading to their journey. I suspect they knew in advance what it would entail. Were they ridiculed? Or did they even speak much of what was before them?

It was their rainbow. And at its end a pot of gold … a treasure.

But they knew it wasn’t theirs. It was a treasure that no man could own. It was however one they sensed … or better yet, knew … would bring wealth beyond measure to all who would enter into its presence. It was a wealth of subtleties. It was a wealth that whispered to the primal depths of man for a response.

And they did respond.

Their journey could not have been easy. They were likely deemed fools. Ah yes, indeed. They walked aside the path of most. Theirs was a narrow way, traversed by few. But from the little I know of them, I would have liked to sit with them. They were likely the eccentrics. Words measured, their message would have called for a man’s wheels to turn.

Think man … and know.

Eccentric indeed.

They followed a star.

One single star from afar.

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