Simple … but not so much so.

From the Course, “… the deeper you go into the blackness of the ego’s foundation, the closer you come to the Love that is hidden there. And it is this that frightens you.” (13:3:4:4-5)

After this entry I have noted in the margins: “The Grand Enigma – Light hidden in darkness – Truth in deceit.”

I have never gone into what prompted this “Course in Miracles” into being, but for the moment, consider that it arose from the dreams of a woman who was a self-professed agnostic, working as a high-level educator in a U.S. university in the ’60s. She was drawn to record what she was encountering, prompted by her superior at this university.

The words shared in the Course are likely the most challenging I have ever encountered. They are forthright … never skirting issues, but plunging headlong into any and every topic one could fathom … with one goal, but to bring us all face to face with our very Self.

Is it truly what lies beyond sight which frightens us most? Seems likely, eh? Isn’t it the “fear of the unknown” that “keeps” us from doing one thing or another?

Is there “something” more about you than you are aware? Hmmmmm … is there something within causing you to cast this question aside? Ah! Indeed! It is a marvelous thing to recognize … if you should dare … that this question is worthy consideration.

But now another question comes. Are you a “warrior?” Care to do some bungee jumpin’? Perhaps that would be more acceptable than digging into worlds unknown? When you’re standing at the top of a bridge (or elsewhere), with bungee shackled ankles … at least you can see where it is you could land. In regard to that ominous journey within, you see no end … only the banterings of some (perceived) fool that whispers “something greater awaits” … something far greater than bouncing to the point of potentially kissing the Mother …

Ya think?!

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