Question everything.

For some reason this phrase came to mind the other day … and got stuck. In fact, “it” was leading to a post that I thought would have been here by now. The surge behind it was strong, pressing through me, seeking a pen … or fingers flailing. And the letters came, one leaning into another … and another, word upon word, sentence following sentence … until I stopped.

I stopped, not because I was finished, but because I recognized I was talking in circles (as I surely do at times 🙂 ). And so I cut a bit and threw some words in the air to see where they landed, leading to what you find below … perhaps not circles, but certainly not stretched out into nice straight lines … because that would be a bit boring.


Curiosity about the phrase’s origin initially led me to the net and I found it associated with Socrates … as well as with Euripides, although I tend toward embracing the former vs. the latter. With our friend Socrates, the link takes us into the midst of his trial … and the whole notion of “questioning” was the proverbial elephant in the room. And in case you don’t remember, it didn’t turn out too well for the ole boy.

And just as he insisted, I believe the purpose of questions is to corral the elusive “truths,” if indeed it is possible to do so. Now mind you, this may not be the pastime of the masses, but the motivation for its pursuit is just as worthy as any other in my estimation. Consider the age old question, “why did you feel compelled to climb that mountain?” And the answer? “Because it where I’m going here.

Where does it end? When does a blessing shun its dress to reveal the cursing it covers? Indeed, perhaps questioning everything … ad infinitum … would be a questionable undertaking. Perhaps? And perhaps, could question upon question leave little room for any answer to be received, settle in … and take root? Hmmmmm … that’s a pretty damn good question.


When this phrase came to mind earlier this week, the following words came to the page rather quickly:

Truth invites questions, relishing the inquiry of a searching soul.

Deceit is not so daring, in fact, a bit dodgy my friend.

And so it is that questions may not necessarily reveal a solid answer … a particular “truth,” all the time, but they are quite capable of casting light upon darkness … if indeed one is willing to see and hear.

Ask a question and you will see in the eyes of another, if they seek to deceive.

Ask a question and you will hear the words as they quiver in their attempt to endear.

And so … questions may certainly end up telling us more than answers ever will.


Leading to this one final question: “What the hell just happened?”

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