Practice makes perfect.

If we consider anything we know how to do now, wouldn’t if be safe to say there was a time when we struggled to even do it in a basic sense? Remember those early days trying to stay upright on your bicycle? But even when you fell, you never gave up … coming now to the point where you don’t think twice about it. What once may have felt a bit like work fell quickly into the category of “play” … or if truth be known, perhaps the child knew all along what Anonymous was speaking of yesterday … the “magic” of making work, play. As well, we’re reminded there must be something “in” those words … “practice makes perfect.”

Granted, this example centers on something you were motivated to do. You saw others doing it, had a pretty keen notion it was going to be fun, and with that, you were willing to risk life and limb to learn. There was a payoff … and you could see it right before your eyes. Such is not typically the case when it comes to ventures into the realm of “spirit” … which inevitably leads into the shadowed caverns of one’s self. As well, it calls us into the murky alleyways of the human psyche … where most are willing to sacrifice a “great treasure unknown” for a few pieces of silver in hand.

So it seems … one must muster that same sort of “child-like” motivation if they want to traverse the mystical path of the Christ. As I have walked a bit more consciously over the years, I haven’t had much trouble finding motivation in the manifest. This brings to mind a quote from The Gospel of Thomas (# 113): “… the Father’s kingdom is spread out across the earth and people do not see it.” A change in perspective can yield marvelous results.

A side note here: an added blessing comes in recognizing more evidence of the Golden Thread … weaving through the words of Jesus, the Christ … into the actions of the Magician, who understands there is far more going on around us (and within) than what appears to be … and in an act of “submission” and faith, raises his wand to allow the One to move through him. Even as these words appear on the screen before me, my motivation is bolstered. The path’s destination may not be clear in my sight, but I’m paying better attention to where my foot should next be set.

And so I keep practicing, no matter how many times I may fall and scrape my knee … or the ever-slight chameleon arises with his feelings hurt. Years ago, when I had first begun working in sales (and yes, that is a topic for lively discussion … me in sales!), a woman commented, “don’t quit before the miracle happens.” Indeed she was right on … but not just about the mundane of life … for the struggles of “doing the Great Work” will come … because we’ve been practicing to the contrary for quite awhile. It’s usually not comfortable to unlearn. Ah, and this brings to mind another quote from The Gospel of Thomas (2): “Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. (And after they have reigned, they will rest.)”

Sit in meditation … practicing the art of stillness … and listening. As one begins such a practice, it’s not unlike riding the bicycle. You hear of what “should” be happening, perhaps reading about or talking with those who have experienced that “peace which transcends all understanding.” They are the kids darting past you on their bikes as you take a tumble to the curb. They squeal with glee while you are wrestling with the constant onslaught of thoughts as you seek to “quiet the chatter” of your mind. It’s disturbing … enough so to cause many to find “other” things to do. And you know we’re all pretty damn talented at “piddling.” In that I could be declared a “master!” But alas, although I’ve walked there, that’s not the path my heart seeks in earnest. There’s more … and I know (4) it.

So it is I am here. These words … this entire process of sitting here right now is part of my practice. It is not yours … but if you seek to know, begin … and you will likely be disturbed … until the “magic” happens … and a sliver of light darts through the shadows … just enough to show you where to set your foot next.

Until the ‘morrow, peace!

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