Power in simplicity.

This is easy for me to write about.  I know it well … practice it regularly … not by rote, but when feeling it arise in spirit … respond.  Indeed, I have still forgotten about it in moments, but I quickly remember.  It is not something that can be conjured.  You know.  It is pure, stirred by the simplest recognition … and with the stirring of thought, a quiet presence girds the spirit … and a subtle power moves through the universe … creating, sustaining, and healing.

Be ye thankful.

It goes without saying there are those who feel challenged to find anything to be thankful for.  How can I contest what they feel?  I simply haven’t walked in step with them … but I do recognize this;

… to be thankful for riches raining down is one thing … for the blessings of vital health experienced is another.  Indeed, be thankful!  But on a day when your world has been shattered … to remain “open” to life … to recognize the kindness in another’s passing eye, and be thankful… that is quite another.  To feel the sun’s rays begin drying the tears that have been flowing for what seems days, and to be thankful for its warmth … that is quite another.

There are no rules, no insistence that this must be … but there’s something deep within that yearns to express its appreciation.  Perhaps it is the prompting of our very Self … understanding this Life is a blessing, no matter appearances.  It seeks to remind each of us that power does indeed exist in this simplicity.

Be thankful.

For it is as wings to Angels.


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