Points of Meditation

A list of the Points of Meditation for 2014:

note ~ the “titles” link to the Sacred Texts site for a bit more info on each card

1st week

Key 6 ~ The Lovers
In Hebrew, “Zain” ~ meaning “sword” or “weapon”
Attribution: Gemini ~ Air ~ ruled by Mercury
Disposing Intelligence

2nd week

7 of Swords
7 ~ rest, safety, security, victory, temporary cessation
Swords ~ the element Air

3rd week

Key 3 ~ The Empress
In Hebrew, “Daleth” ~ meaning “door”
Planetary attribution ~ Venus
Luminous Intelligence

4th week

8 of Cups
8 ~ rhythm, vibration, ebb & flow, involution & evolution
Cups ~ the element Water

5th week

Key 14 ~ Temperance
In Hebrew, “Samekh” ~ meaning “tent peg” or “prop”
Attribution: Sagittarius ~ Fire ~ ruled by Jupiter
The Tentative Intelligence

6th (and 7th!) week

5 of Pentacles
5 ~ mediation, adaptation, means, justice
Pentacles ~ the element Earth

8th week

 Key 8 ~ Strength
In Hebrew ~ Teth ~ meaning “snake” (serpent power)
Attribution: Leo ~ Fire ~ ruled by the Sun
Intelligence of the Secret of all Spiritual Activities

9th week

Page of Cups
Cups ~ aligned with element of Water ~ emotion
Could be male or female

10th week

Key 2  ~  The High Priestess

In Hebrew, “Gimel” ~ meaning “camel”
Assignation  ~  The Moon
Uniting Intelligence

11th week

3 of Wands

3 ~ multiplication, development, growth, unfoldment, therefore expression
Wands ~ the element Fire

12th week

8 of Pentacles

8 ~ rhythm, involution/evolution, vibration, flux/reflux
Pentacles ~ the element Earth

13th week





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