A poem ~ A meditation.

The following poem was written by my oldest daughter in the spring of 2007. She was 19. While I slept one night, she was laying on my bed thinking and writing. This is what she shared with me the following morning:

You’re in a song, you’re in a rhyme,

You’re in a child’s storytime.

You’re in a kiss, you’re in a smile,

You’re in a friend who stays awhile.

You’re in a flower, you’re in a tree,

You’re in the deepest part of me.

You’re in a laugh, you’re in a tear,

You’re in the man who conquers fear.

You’re in the earth, you’re in the sky,

You’re in the dream that let’s me fly.

You’re in the soldier’s sword and sheath,

You’re in the very air we breathe.

You’re in the sidewalk in the park,

You’re in the whisper in the dark.

You’re in the morning’s sleepy haze,

You’re in the lover’s tender gaze.

You’re in a mother’s lullabies,

You’re in the twinkle in my eyes.

You’re in each step I choose to take,

You’re in each gesture that I make.

You’re in a duet’s harmony,

You’re all the beauty that I see.

You’re in the countless stars above,

You’re in the magic of true love.

You’re in a sentence, or a word,

You’re in the sound that’s yet unheard.

You’re in the clap, you’re in a cheer,

You’re in a day, a month, a year.

You’re in an army’s flag unfurled,

You’re in each corner of the world,

You’re in a map, you’re at the source,

You’re in my own uncharted my pride,

You are my Father, Friend, and Guide.

You’re in each unsolved mystery,

You’re everything I’ll ever be.

You’re in the my hope, you’re in my light,

You’re in my prayer I say tonight.

You smile as my spirit soars,

You’re in my heart, and I am yours.

From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. Thank you Jess.

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