Playing with fire.

It can be pleasingly warm, but if not treated with respect, it can burn … leading, in the least, to pain and discomfort … in the worst, to death.  It is fire.  Its discovery catalyzed man’s evolution in the material world unlike anything encountered to that point in time.  It commands respect.  Choosing otherwise, to believe one’s self greater than it, could easily leave a fool with scars to symbolize the moment.

As above, so below …

The fire “of the mind,” introduced in earlier writings, commands respect as well.  For most, it’s safe to say this fire hasn’t been (personally) discovered yet.  Granted, it is used in every moment of every day, by every person walking this plane, but yet, it is seldom used consciously.  As an individual begins to awaken however, his “discovery” of this fire’s true nature will come in due course.  He will recognize the power in the gift and prepare himself accordingly … wielding its power with respect, forgoing any concern of singe and cinders.

This “learning” begins with the individual.

What do you want?

And if you “get” what you want, from whence did it come?

The Magician (Rider Waite)
The Magician (Rider Waite)

As mentioned, everyone uses this fire, every day.  And as well mentioned, there are some who do so consciously … creating with purpose.  Some of what is created is beneficial.  Some is questionable.  Some is not intended to benefit anyone but the individual.  All created reflects the creator.

The Magician exemplifies the stance.  Quiet, even somber.  Focused, intent upon a point.  Wand held high, a free flowing channel for the One.  He is an example of how to use the gift in proper manner.  He is an example of one who is adept at playing with fire.

More on this tomorrow, but for the moment, I welcome you to sit with the Magician and “see” what comes …



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