Perspective flows from perception … built upon an inner foundation and impacted by where we are in any particular moment during our journey.  Although by no means exhaustive, following is a “catalog” of some perspectives (and definitions) that resonate with me thus far:

a moment spent, a perspective gained
a moment spent, a perspective gained
  1. God –  It is what it is … and “It” is much bigger than this word.  I believe firmly there is a Source to this world and all else beyond … the “mysterious” Alpha and Omega.  I have a strong sense this “Highest Power” isn’t terribly concerned with labels because It reaches beyond them, into the spirit of the speaker, which It knows intimately.  Other names I’m comfortable with are: the One, Absolute Beingness, Creator, Source (to name a few), although you may resonate with others.  Perhaps it would be worthwhile contemplating all of them.
  2. “S”elf vs. “s”elf –  A one liner for this could be:  “The little self is who I think I am, while the big Self knows better.”  The “self” I see in the mirror is not all there is to me.  Indeed, I do not discount it completely because “it” has a vital role in this journey … but I am convinced there’s much more than “him.”  “He” is sorta like a box … a nice, neat little package used to convince me (and others) I know who I am.   There is however this other “S”elf … which is a “pure” (Truthful) version of the man I am intended to be.  Perhaps that’s why the Native American story on “Re-membering” resonates with me.
  3. The Golden Threaddedicated post
  4. Knowing vs. Believing – A definition of “knowing” is: Possessing knowledge, information, or understanding.  For “believing,” there are many to choose from, but here’s a few:  To accept as true or real. – to have firm faith. – To have an opinion; think.  With many folks, if you say you “know” something, proof is called for, while if you “believe” something, well, you’re free and clear (unless they absolutely can’t stand what you believe).  So, I’m including this note because, just in case you demand “proof” for some of the things I say I “know,” I want to be straight up with you … I quite likely have nothing that would be considered concrete to set before you.
  5. Gender – He.  She.  It.  I’m not bound to using particular pronouns unless it’s obvious (obviously!).  In regard to God, I have absolutely no issue with using “It,” because I know that God is “complete,” possessing both male and female energies.  It is also not uncommon for me, when praying, to address God as “Father,” likely due to my time in the church.  It’s ok with me.  It feels right.  And I’m not necessarily consistent when choosing the pronoun I will use.  This can throw some folks into complete upheaval and I’m here to simply say I’m not using particular words with the intent to offend … or promote a patriarchal system … or for that matter, a matriarchal system, when I may use the feminine in reference to the earth.


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