In my estimation, the quest for perfection is an admirable pursuit. This, coming from a Virgo, may be a world-class understatement. But have you ever heard the phrase, “the paralysis of analysis?” Welcome to one of the shadowed areas of this sojourner’s path. In fact, I recognize how this subtle urge toward perfection has had a lot to do with me procrastinating about this site. Afterall, there’s no hiding the imperfections when you lay it out here for the world to see, and I’m not speaking solely of grammar and style.

But this shadow is being explored and, with each moment, illuminated. In fact, I’m exploring it with each piece of writing that is posted here … as I go back time and again looking for my version of perfection … as I should. It’s only when the paralysis begins seizing hold of the inner man to the point of inaction that it is less beneficial.

“Is what I’m doing good enough?” “Will it lead to judgment from others?” And tied oh so closely is, “am I good enough?” As I write this, I can think of others who never concern themselves with how they will be perceived. They follow their leadings to do. It’s the same folks who may respond to such concerns (for perfection) with, “if I make a mistake, or it’s not perfect, they’ll get over it … and by the way, get the hell over yourself!” Point taken.

Finding excuses, or politely termed, “reasons,” for not doing something you “know” you need to do can be an easy place for some to go, but it is indeed a trap. It is quite possible that what is being avoided by this ongoing quest for perfection is actually binding a gift that seeks expression. And that is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. We are all “here” to express our (true) Self (2). We each have our part to play and we each possess all that’s needed to bring it forth.

Now we just need to pay attention to the cues we’re given (in innumerable ways) and get on with it.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’ve got some “things” to check on …

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