A part to play.

It doesn’t matter what I may see around me that I find disturbing …


Subtle in its approach, it can often slip by like a cat in the night shadows. Lies are woven with a smattering of truth to create a pattern inviting to many, but what appears to be … may not be. And I know it.

Hatred and its petty, childish offspring.

Often hurled before us stripped bare … its brutality is intended to shock and disarm. As well, it may be veiled in words seemingly thoughtful, lofted gently from the tower. But it is not as it seems. And I know it.


There are no bounds to the means … that the end be achieved. Or is there a line? Perhaps it is drawn in a man’s heart. And I know it.


I am quite observant. I know what to say … and when to say it. I know how to play the game. Ah, how evolved I am! But why do I see others with greater clarity than myself? Perhaps it is because their “sin” is so great.

Oh, poor, poor man I am.

What if but I could step outside of the madness and see with eyes unveiled? What would I see then?

Am I guilty of all I see as well? Indeed, but perhaps to a lesser degree … ?

Around and around it goes. Deception begets deception. Unaffected by the degree, it feeds and maintains its existence on but the most miniscule morsel.

In like manner it is with all we can imagine. If I desire to see a change for the better, it will begin with me.

How can I insist on peace in the world, when I cannot offer it a permanent home within myself?

How can I insist others speak only truth when my words are tainted?

How can I insist on fairness when my self-interest has cast all thoughts of others to the side?

If I see a mess around me, I am a part of it. It is part of my reason in being here. But as I see this, I recognize as well I have a part to play in changing it.


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