A Numbers game.

Man’s modus operandi is to look at the surface of things, make a judgement based on “his” perception, and act according to his particular nature. Indeed, an oversimplification but it’s not so far fetched. Years ago I heard (or read) someone say, in essence, “the greatest sin of Western man is simplistic thinking.” While I certainly don’t know all Western men, I catch the essence of what is meant. Wouldn’t it be a pretty safe bet that the majority of folks would rather steer clear of anything that requires great effort? Oh, yes … I did forget to fold in the “payoff” aspect of the equation. Indeed, if there’s “something in it” for them, that changes things. But it has to be a tangible payoff … and preferably green.

But back on task now. What I’m steering toward is the notion that the surface is the outer skin, and whenever there’s an “outer,” wouldn’t it be likely there’s an “inner?” In fact, that’s what most of this site’s about … the part “inside” … the part that’s “unseen.”

So, what’s that got to do with “numbers?” Bottom line is that there are “some” folks that believe numbers are far more important than just tallying the day’s receipts at the store or balancing your checkbook. In a recent post, I touched upon how many believe that Hebrew letters are more than what they appear. “Many” believe the same concerning numbers … and it occurred to me that I should take a moment and offer some general ideas of the “meanings” attributed to the numbers 0-9. Actually, it occurred to me because I came across a journal where I had written them out … and I figured it would be worthwhile to share. In the least, what follows can be fodder for many moments of contemplation. What “you” do with them after this point is completely up to you.

0 – No Thing

  • the undifferentiated Power preceding all manifestation
  • absence of quantity, quality, or mass
  • freedom from every limitation
  • changlessness
  • the unknown, immeasurable, unfathomable, infinite eternal Source, the Rootless Root of all creation
  • the sacred ellipse representing the endless line of Eternity
  • the Cosmic Egg
  • Superconsciousness

1 – Beginning

  • first in the numeral series, because “0” stands for that which precedes manifestation and is there not included in any series
  • inception
  • initiative
  • originality
  • isolation
  • the Primal Will
  • selection
  • unity
  • singleness
  • individuality
  • attention
  • one-pointedness
  • concentration
  • the definite or manifest, as contrasted with the indefinable Source
  • Self-consciousness
  • Crown

2 – Duplication

  • repetition
  • reflection
  • receptivity
  • opposition
  • polarity
  • antithesis
  • succession
  • sequence
  • antagonism
  • continuation
  • diffusion
  • separation
  • radiation
  • secondariness
  • subordination
  • dependence
  • Subconsciousness
  • Wisdom

3 – Multiplication

  • increase
  • growth
  • development
  • unfoldment
  • expression
  • augmentation
  • expansion
  • amplification
  • extension
  • productiveness
  • fecundity
  • generation
  • the response of subconscious mental activity to self-conscious impulse in the generation of mental images … hence,
  • Understanding

4 – Order

  • system
  • regulation
  • management
  • measurement
  • classification
  • recording
  • supervision
  • control
  • authority
  • command
  • dominance
  • the classifying of self-consciousness (this is induced by conscious response to subconscious mental imagery)
  • the Cosmic Order, considered as the underlying substance manifested in every form
  • Reason
  • Mercy

5 – Mediation

  • (middle term in series of signs from 1 to 9)
  • adaptation
  • intervention
  • adjustment
  • accomodation
  • process
  • reconciliation
  • result of the classifying activities symbolized by subconscious elaboration of these classifications and the formation of deductions therefrom
  • projected into field of self-conscious awareness, these deductions are termed – Intuitions
  • Justice
  • Severity

6 – Reciprocity

  • interchange
  • balance
  • correlation
  • response
  • complementary activities
  • love
  • coordination
  • correspondence
  • harmony (of opposites)
  • concord
  • equilibration
  • symmetry
  • Beauty

7 – Equilibrium

  • (the result of equilibration, the concrete application of the laws of symmetry and reciprocation)
  • mastery
  • poise
  • rest
  • conquest
  • peace
  • safety
  • temporary cessation
  • security
  • art
  • Victory

8 – Rhythm

  • periodicity
  • alternation
  • vibration
  • pulsation
  • flux and reflux
  • involution and evolution
  • education
  • culture
  • the response of subconsciousness to everything symbolized by 7
  • Splendor

9 – Conclusion

  • (literally, “closing together,” which implies the union of elements which are separate until the conclusion is reached, and has special reference to meanings attached to 9 through the Key bearing this number)
  • goal
  • end
  • completion
  • fulfillment
  • attainment
  • the final result of the process symbolized by the series of digits
  • perfection
  • adeptship
  • the mystical “3 times 3”
  • Foundation

Note: As I was putting this together, I realized that this is a compilation of information of which I cannot properly attribute considerations. With that in mind, what you will find here is not “mine” … but a compilation of wisdom through the ages. This information is quite helpful when studying and working with the Tree, Tarot, and Astrology, but I’m sure would be beneficial to any who would simply meditate on the associations.  

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