A post wasn’t ready for it’s usual early morning entry today.  The busyness of work demanded a bit more attention … for a moment.  It’s fine.  And right now, I re-balance the scales, snatching a piece of the midday to come here.

As I sit, I am overcome with a simple sense of joy.  There is no particular reason for it.  Sometimes it just happens.  A light, easy flow that evades a grasp as easily as it does an explanation.

But I did sit to write something.  A thought comes, I follow, write … and in short order I understand it’s not proper for the moment.  To the trash it goes.  And another follows a few minutes later, until I grab a journal from the messenger bag.  “Perhaps there’s something awaiting me there?”  Within a few turned pages I come upon a moment from 2007 that seems a bit like this one.  The “sense” of joy is evident … words meandering freely with the thoughts that prompted them.  They’re a bit like bread crumbs along the trail … marking the way taken, but one must pay attention to follow.

And if you so choose, you’re welcome to give it a swing …

GB in shower – sitting for now … sense of sheer joy … more and more turning to you … to me.  Now considering the enigma of all.

– joy is fleeting, as is sorrow … both eternal. finding … releasing to Be on the middle path. Perhaps our “True Self” is indeed already there awaiting the flittering fanciful flights of personality to the poles. “exhaust yourself dear one … “enjoy” as you know enjoyment … when you’re prepared for seeing me, I am here …”

– to SEIZE – awareness – focus yet RELEASE – to experience … no matter the outcome (<— AH! rubber to the road)

(To look into the eyes … to convey a Truth that is beyond me in this moment.  Purity … to even consider what this is … purity of intention … purity of love … purity of desire … such brings a tear …)

– to KNOW … beyond expression
to know NOTHING …

to be guided by the Unmanifest

I cannot Love without You – I can pretend – I can be earnest … but w/out You … free to express through me, it is as if I try to mimic a master … but yet … You freely give … gladly moving into & through me …

As I read this, even I realize those are some tiny bread crumbs.  🙂   It is intriguing though … to try and follow the words from a moment past.  Not an easy task, if not impossible.  In a sense it’s like taking a photograph of any number of nature’s creative expressions.  The image captured may be beautiful, but can it ever truly define the moment in which it was first realized?  Well, we certainly won’t fret about it.  How ’bout simply realizing what the re-visitation has for us … right now?

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