Love your enemy.

Quite likely, even for those who haven’t read the Bible, you’re familiar with this thought. Consider these words expanded:

Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that spitefully use you and persecute you. (Matthew 5:44)

The thought of “loving my enemy” came to mind the other day as I was thinking about the mere presence of “them” in a person’s life. Perhaps you’ve heard the stance that we attract people into our lives. Granted, as I’ve mentioned before, I try to steer clear from finding nice, neat, little boxes to put everything in. I believe that some of these folks may be coming into our lives for karmic reasons, some perhaps as part of an initiation … and then there’s the possibility that our present “condition” has drawn them in. We’ve “attracted” them. Is it the gospel truth? I don’t know, but I’m following the lead.

If indeed this “enemy’s” presence is due to one of the two former reasons, what’s your sense as to how I should deal with him? In regard to karma, perhaps there’s a connection with this person from another time? As I view the situation, my immediate thought would be there’s something that needs to come back into balance. With this in mind, it seems that waging war with him will only result in another life, with another opportunity to get it. Easy enough to theorize and talk about, but quite another thing to enact. But it’s doable. In regard to it possibly being part of some initiation; to follow the lead of the enemy would be … how’s this sit with you? Fail!

Which leaves us with my initial wo(a)ndering; he was attracted to me because there was something of a similar nature within me. Hmmmmm … quite a thought, eh? But let’s not get hung up on that for now. Let’s take another step along the path. As I did, I found a mirror there. When I looked to see my enemy, I saw myself. I know, I know, for some this may seem like a reach … and perhaps it is, but that’s what came to mind. And what’s even more intriguing is this quote I found:

All fear violence, all are afraid of death. Seeing the similarity in oneself, one should not use violence or have it used. (Buddha)

Do you see the Golden Thread? Actually, when I found this, I thought it was profound. Here is, not only a connection with the teachings of Jesus, the Christ, but as well with a metaphysical teaching emphasized in this day.

Whether we want to admit it or not, there’s a connection between “us” … and that “us” includes folks we may not be too crazy about, including any “enemies” we may have in our lives. I recognize, intellectually, that those folks I may not be crazy about are my greatest teachers. I recognize it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t cross paths with some I simply don’t want to be around long enough to “learn” anything. But I have this recurring thought that I may as well face them, because they are going to keep coming back until I do so, square on. And no, I’m not talking about facing off in a duel. You see, if what I’m sharing has any truth in it, as we confront our enemy with love, we confront our very Self with that same love. In turn, healing the relationship with the other brings that same healing to us. Intriguing in the least, don’t you think?

So, shall I choose to love my enemy? It’s a case by case study I’m afraid, but I’m figuring with enough practice, I’ll eventually get it. Now the question arises, “what does it mean to love them?” That my friend is without formula. I do trust that the answer for each particular circumstance is held for us … at our core, where I’m imagining a kitchen table, a couple of cups of coffee, tea, or perhaps even a Stella. It’s a pow-wow table for me and my Self. I know, it may seem a bit cheesy on the outside … but we already know not to trust appearances. Eh? 🙂

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