Learning to waltz.

The following piece is about Learning to Waltz. It arose many years ago, touching on thoughts I have previously mentioned here, albeit with a twist here or there:

The Native Americans, as well as ancient seers of other cultures, believe that prior to our entry into this plane of existence, we inherently possess intimate knowledge of the Creator God. It is as we depart our mother’s womb we begin to forget, as our mortal five senses begin to process new information about the world around us, and as we absorb the teachings of our elders and the ways of our culture. They would insist our presence here is not so much about learning anything, but simply remembering. In essence, they would say we’re here to re-member with our true Selves, our divine Selves.

Not only does this strike me as a wonderfully creative way to portray their beliefs, but it also hints of the place the creative soul ventures when seeking to nurture the works of the heart. No matter the medium chosen, no matter the state of an artist’s being, the first step upon the path is crucial, as he begins the process of discovery and adventure. Indeed, around every bend an amazing revelation could lie in wait, if but one remains enters in with awareness.

We are all walking a path. We each come with an intent, desire, or thought, sometimes specific, but often general. In kind with our level of consciousness, we encounter the creative flow. Some of these encounters could evolve into a struggle, a wrestling match, while others may flow with the fluidity of a waltz. From my perspective, the result of the encounters seems to hinge on trust, a willingness to release myself into that flow, offering an opportunity to remember and embrace the world as a child. It seems that as we allow our “imaginations” freedom to unfold, the path becomes more clear; as we dream, believing in possibilities, the walls of limitation crumble and the smoldering embers of the soul are stirred to flame. It is then we begin to see that we are indeed creators.

And through the toil emerges a work of the heart. For some, it is offered for the world to see. For others, it may well be kept hidden away, or possibly held for audience by a chosen few. Amazingly, the creator could have a particular reason for bringing life to a particular work, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that those who witness it will receive the same message or impression. Each observer brings his own self to the table, as it to sit and share a moment over a cup of joe. The work offered by the creator is the window through which he (the creator) peers into his own soul. It is as well, his window into the outer world, into the souls of any and all observers crossing his path, who in turn, look back, gazing into the soul of that creator … often finding that the window becomes a mirror. Indeed, it’s as if the creator offers each observer the opportunity to he confronted with the creation … the choice to struggle … or dance.

Through the years, I have encountered many “creations” that have moved me beyond words. Oriah Mountain Dreamer offered me “The Invitation,” seemingly penned for me, and its impact lingers still. “Enigma” has brought music to my ear, ushering me in moments to deeper layers of myself … as have many others. But it’s not just in the “accomplished” I have felt this impact, because it has come at numerous times through the music and words of my daughters. There have been many times when the impact came in the form of tears, as the pane through which I peered became reflective, and I was once again, confronted with myself. But in the end, it is all good, as they say. I’m simply thankful that with each and every creative expression I witness, and with each time that I myself greet the flow, the struggles are becoming less frequent … as I continue learning to waltz.

Enjoy the dance!

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