Journal – about a seed.

Within a seed lies the perfection of what it is intended to be. Its essence, a framework erected in relative silence, simply moves to its time for center-stage. Stem, root, foliage, and fruit are filled with vitality … just as all that had existed beyond the hull.

Such it is with the reality of you and me.

There is no question in this seed’s “mind” what it is. There exists no turmoil in understanding the “hows” and “whens.” The path it takes to bearing fruit is a process that merely follows its due course … of becoming fully and completely as is intended to be.

Where it falls to ground is of no concern. Its work is tied to a purpose inherently understood, with a seeming trust it is precisely where it needs to be.

“Bloom where you are planted.”

What is it that allows the seed’s journey to be (at least seemingly) free from concern? Why is it “we” cannot all claim the same? Perhaps it lies in its connection to the Architect of its being … ? But … it is “simple”, we are “evolved” … how could this be?

“Become as a child.”

In turn, perhaps it lies in trust … an unconscious trust that has no settling place for external concerns. In spite of any and all seeming assaults, it moves systematically along its path, mindful of but one thing … its one true purpose …

“Grow like a dandelion in the sidewalk seams.”

There is profound reason to consider this seed’s journey. It offers each of us a reminder that we are destined to bear fruit particular to the Architect’s blueprint for each of us. It offers a reminder that there is purpose in “working” for a season in relative silence “beyond the hull,” in seeming obscurity … intimately connected … until it is time to press forward into the world of form.

Consider the driving force of this seed … following an “urge” to become what it was created to be. (But come to think of it, do you think a lily knows it’s a lily? Does the chickweed consciously seek to make your yard its next conquest? And certainly … a lily would never even think of being anything else … right?) Indeed … there’s an urge, but perhaps it has released itself to the primal Will … becoming a channel as clear as the Magician’s wand. Flowing …

“As above, so below …

… as below, so above” … from silence to silence … knowledge to knowledge … seed to seed.

Fear is our fellow. Seed knows none. It fears not the storm, the heat, or hurricane. It knows when to hunker down … and when to raise up. It knows no shackles … as we well may.

Faithfully reminding each of us, it knows what it means to be free. No distracting shackles jangling… struggles are work made play … to bloom in perfect season.

As such we shall be.

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