Journal entry ~ June 8, 2005.

I am moved to sit somewhere else for a moment. Ultimately, I visit journal pages, glancing over words that hint to where I was “then.” And in this moment, albeit the same man, the perspective has been altered.

And so, I bring … the past to present:

One can rush to the overlook … the perceived destination … and although beautiful, so much has been “overlooked” in the process of attainment.

Who am I? Perhaps it is good to remember Rumi’s words … “define me and narrow me.”

(I reach out to you from my heart and you laugh.) It is not to reach out … or to reach in. It is to embrace oblivion … the material and immaterial the laughter and the tear … the child and the wizened man. (You call me to wait … to absorb you through sense.) And non-sense. (For … “it is all you,” you whisper.)

Rest with me. Walk with me. Toil with me.

And play.

You need not define me. It is beyond all utterance, but in the quiet of each moment, each breath … your soul is nourished and enlivened … with even a slight turn of awareness to me.

It was surely worth the visit.


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