An introduction extended.

Greetings and welcome. On Friday, The Pattern on the Trestleboard was introduced, as well as the first statement (the one numbered “0”). Today, viagra the focus was to be on statements 1 and 2, but as I began writing this piece, and saw my “addendum” to the introduction reaching well over 500 words, I decided to cut it before entering into the statements. So … here we go!

As was mentioned, the Pattern is intended to be a meditation … one that can gently “remind” us of the “Truth about the Self.” Here, I am reminded of “The Apostles’ Creed” which is used as a point of meditation for many Christians. When involved in the church, I remember its impact … I would close my eyes, “enter into” the words, and release myself to truly hear. Even then, I recognized that, in and of themselves, the words had no power. Indeed, the “potential” power was held there, but it was up to me to “meet” them … and in a sense, allow them to awaken me. Before I take another step, I want to say, without reservation, that I don’t discount buy levitra online usa the Creed (or Christianity) at all … in fact I am ever-thankful for how it offered me a solid “point of meditation” during that time. But when I came upon the Pattern, it resonated in a different way. Who knows why this is so?

What matters most is building a practice of meditation upon the Divine. Beyond our conscious recognition, I trust the embers are stirred … and generic cialis we become evermore receptive to Spirit’s lead. What is quite profound to me, is that, whether it be the Pattern or the Creed, there is no limit to what can be realized. Whenever we earnestly seek … patiently … treasures are unearthed in their season … no matter what we may have memorized and repeated countless times, or what we think we know.

Now, in order to save you from having to look back at Friday’s post for the glyph of the Tree (if indeed you would desire to do so!), I decided to add it to each post moving forward.

the Tree of Life (
the Tree of Life (

As I mentioned on Friday, I wasn’t going to go into great depth about the Tree, but I’ve had an ever-so-slight change of viagra generic date heart. (I do that kinda thing at times!)

The Tree of Life is said to have been a gift given to Adam by the Angels. It holds the secrets to all of creation, both in the macrocosm and microcosm, as well as being, in essence, a map to help “us” return home. But in order to add a bit more light to our present conversation, I wanted to mention a tidbit centered on the “macrocosm” aspect … specifically God’s creation of this world (that we know).

It all started with a thought … in that area “above” the Tree associated with the first statement in the Pattern: “All the Power that ever was or will be is here now.” It all started with God’s “idea of man.” He focused His attention on this thought … focus that was unswerving and pointed, a pure channel for His Power to pour through. This focus built pressure, likened to a spring being compressed … until it could not be held any longer … and it exploded. (Like a big bang perhaps?)

In that moment, the pure, raw Power of the One broke free like a lightening bolt, straight down into the Crown of the Tree … progressing into each Sephiroth one by one. As this power passed through each of them, the “energy” was “stepped down” in the same manner electricity is “stepped down” through the use of transformers.

If you think of energy as vibration, this could assist in understanding what I’m talking about. When “the bolt” struck the Crown, it was at its closest point to God … pure, powerful, and of the “highest vibration” on the Tree. In contrast, the vibration experienced in the 10th Sephirah (our “world”), would be the slowest (or “dense”). Therefore, as you “work” your way up the tree, each Sephirah has a higher vibration than the one prior. Each of these offer a different perspective on the Divine power that emanated from the One.

The mystics believe that we go into the Tree when we die and work our way through each Sephirah until we return to Unity. But as well, even in life, we are “in the Tree”, walking the Path of Return … finding, as we “work” with Spirit, our vibrations “lighten,” enabling us to traverse into those centers that would not be accessible to those who choose to remain bound by the density of this world. (I’m thinking “Prodigal”, but I simply can’t go there now! Too many words!)

Perhaps this will assist in connecting with the Pattern going forward. Rest assured there is (so!) much more to this than what I’ve shared, but I trust we’re all in good hands 🙂 … and that the Divine Spark (within each us) will be enlivened and we will be guided precisely to where we need to be.

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