As with all, inspiration visits me in many ways – through music, the written word, the lives of fellow sojourners, and the day-to-day revelations of the “natural” world.  Some are listed in “Vistas” and/or linked via particular posts or pages, but following are more I’m drawn to include:

aspen carpet at the foot of the Rockies
aspen carpet to the foot of the Rockies


  1. Stylianos Atteshlis – (also known as “Daskalos”)  Years ago, I found a book titled, “The Magus of Strovolos,” written by Kryiacos Markides.  Little did I know this book would introduce me to someone I would hold as “teacher” for years to come.  I appreciate the insight gained through Markides’ work, but it wasn’t until I ordered a number of Atteshlis’ books, tapes, and teaching videos, that I came to realize the breadth of blessings this man had come to share.  He was considered a Christian mystic, reaching a depth in the scriptures I had never encountered before.  If you wish to dig deeper with him yourself, his daughter created a site after his passing to keep the work alive and you can find it by clicking on his name above.  link to related posts
  2. Joseph Benner – For about 25 years or so, I have had a copy of one of Benner’s books on my shelf, now held together with duct tape, but I didn’t find out he was the author until about ten years ago.  You see, the book, “The Impersonal Life“, was written Anonymously.  It was given to me when I first got out of college, not long after I had the “conversion” experience I shared briefly in “This Sojourner.”  However, it didn’t get much time from me until about 16 or so years later.  Perhaps I wasn’t ready for it … who knows.  But after I did give it time, it flowed with what I was experiencing elsewhere during that time.  Suffice it to say, Mr. Benner shared his faith in a uniquely powerful way, albeit a bit out-of-keeping with what most Christians were taught.
  3. Joseph Campbell – Many have heard of this gentleman, through his books, but most likely from his appearances on PBS.  From the very first time I heard him speak, I was drawn in.  Perhaps it was his humility … a trait he shares with all of the folks on the page in fact … but as well, I appreciated something he didn’t really speak much about … his own spirituality … as it seemed to me he had a profound reverence for this Universe and a keen understanding of the human psyche.
  4. Glenn Clark – Initially I came to know Mr. Clark  through attending CFO (Camps Farthest Out) years ago … but it was through his books I discovered a man who surprised me many times.  His words oozed Spirit … with insight that could only be borne of one who was able to “tap” in.  I have a hunch most who visit here will have never heard of him … but now you have!
  5. Meditations on the Tarot – This book was written by Anonymous, a Catholic fellow who chose, even after his passing, to remain as such.  His purpose was to share a message that continues to meld with Spirit in whispers to any reader for as long as he may return to the pages.  Within, one may be confounded with the author’s wide-sweeping knowledge … from the exoteric church to the occult, and psychology.  But evident are his faith, vitality, and wisdom.  From my perspective, it is indeed a meditation … for it doesn’t lend itself well to a “cover-to-cover” read or a scan.  It takes little to recognize its call to sit and contemplate the many insights shared.  It is truly a blessing waiting to be known.
  6. Music – link to posts “tagged” … Eva Cassidy, Jackson Browne, Willy Porter, Dougie MacLean, Richard Shindell ~ just a few names to get started, these artists are among the many who help to fan the flame, drawing me to pause …

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