Humbling # ?

“I recognize the manifestation of the undeviating justice in all the circumstances of my life.”

Remember that? It’s from the Pattern on the Trestleboard … one of the more humbling “truths about my self.”

Just think, this could very well be justice… bringing the scales back to balance. Consider the details of what you see around you as part of its workings. I’ve spoken of this before, but for some reason, it comes again … the “turnings of the wheel” … reincarnation … in flow with that notion of balance … and I sit a moment.

Being a man, a woman, black, white, or Hindi is all part of the backdrop for the show. Whether it be a mansion, battlefield, or ghetto, if you’re there, you need to be … apparently.

There is purpose in every detail. Exploring the details becomes important. Reading the signs, like a warrior along the trail.

I am ever thankful for this remembrance, as it encourages me to pay attention to those signs … to look into them, not just “at” …

I am ever thankful as it reminds me there is purpose in all, that I may want to sit a spell before I cast a judgement concerning what I think is

I am ever thankful as it reminds me to show compassion as I walk … to others and myself.

“It’s really quite simple, ‘be ye thankful'” … no matter what.

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