The great equalizer.

Well, it may not be the great equalizer, but snow is certainly one of them. And here in the east, it seems just about everyone has been confronted with it. Seven inches of snow doesn’t seem like much to me, but to folks who struggle with two, you would think the whole world stopped.

Which is actually alright … to have the “world” stop for a moment. Actually, I love it. Yes, there are folks that struggle with a variety of issues related to snow, as I have in the past, but if I had the power, I wouldn’t regulate or mandate snow away. It has it’s purpose, no matter how inconvenient we may believe it to be.

But … as to why I’m here today. As would be apparent to anyone paying attention, this is only my second post this week. I actually had one written and trashed it. As well, a number of thoughts/ideas came to a mind but I haven’t been in “a place” to bring them here just yet. I’m not quite sure why, but this week’s been a bit different in part because I’m doing a cleanse. Ten days of the Master Cleanse (in case anyone’s interested) and I’m in the midst of number seven. It’s quite refreshing actually, beyond the “ritual of food,” which seems to be my greatest challenge with it … feeling lighter, as the body’s given a moment or so to breathe and heal … you know, do it’s thang.

And so I ramble. In fact, this morning about 7:00, I rambled out a couple or so miles to the market to pick up some more lemons. It was nice … the closest thing I’ve been to a real hike in a bit and it was good to have the boots on, traversing uneven terrain. With little to no folks out and about, it was quiet and beautiful. Perfect.

During the walk, there were a number of places where I had to be cautious. The presence of ice (the “equalizer’s kissin’ cousin) was evident and I’m quite aware of how quickly one can go down. This observation prompted thoughts to fall like dominoes …

It felt good being out, walking like this.

I felt good … my body seeming to relish a break from any food, other than the cleansing effect of lemons and cayenne … and the added nutrients (and sugar!) of maple syrup. My shoulder is getting stronger by the week, allowing me to start exercising and doing yoga. I thought of how I can feel so “confident” in and of myself. Body, mind, and spirit in sync. “I’m doin’ alright” … … when in the proverbial “twinkling of an eye,” a foot in flight could send me down. The equalizer strikes.

It’s not uncommon in these conditions; the snow melts, ice comes, and “stuff” happens. And it doesn’t always matter how attentive you are … as I found out within three blocks of my return home. In spite of “thoughtfully” traversing the terrain, I still hit the ground one time … a particular place being even more slippery than I thought. I sat there and grinned. This is truly a wonderful life!

As I mentioned earlier, “this” is but one. There are many of these “equalizers” that seem to sweep in and strike without notice … and from all indication, without provocation.

“What did I do to deserve this?”

A valid question? Perhaps it would indeed be worthy a moment or so. Where the question leads could be intriguing. As I consider it for myself, I wonder about perhaps being overly confident … and I’m not talking about walking through the snow and ice. I’m considering in broader strokes, the impact of these “equalizing” situations.

They certainly do catch my attention. They cause me me to think, perhaps there is a reason I was impelled to pause … or stop.

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