Golden leaves.

A new landing place was revealed to me last evening, another perspective … and, as is usually the case with the Buddhist way, offering itself in a gentle manner. But what I truly love about this way is that, with the gentleness, is a message to ponder … a message that will go as far as you will. The site is The Art of Dharma and I bring one particular message, as it threads together with some of what’s been offered here in a rather golden way.

Leaves on the Ground

No matter what subject you look at, the problems all return to one principle and that is liberation. It may be liberation from poverty, from pain, from ignorance, from a terrible husband, from a feeling that haunts you, from your past, from your family, from physical disease, from confusion, from mistakes, from guilt, from desire, from the idea of the future, from the current government, from parasites, from friend who are not friends but call themselves friends, from a stupid education, from a nightmare, from a day dream, from the job that pays the most money, from unemployment, from putting up with others who look better than you, speak better than you, are more successful than you, from a jealous girlfriend, a poisoned food system, from lies in your face, from empty promises, from dark forces, from blind faith, from from from from and a million more from’s.

We turn to all kinds of remedies and some seem to help but really none get to the root of the problems, or should I say problem. It is us and only us that complicate everything, every relationship we enter. Why is that so? Is there not a way of complicating things less? Yes there is, but are we going to even look or see that option? Is it possible? If one person takes that option, (will he) be aware that all others around him/her are not? Will he be able to accept that? So for one to be liberated, one must be a master of acceptance. If not, the flood of problems will engulf you and plunge to in to the hells.

That being the case, my realization is that one must work on their own liberation and how does that benefit others(?) Simply it is a message of liberation, nothing more, nothing less. That message is, there is a way, but one must want it with all your heart and that (it) is one’s main aim in life. Once that is clear, all the other things that occur are destined to be leaves on the ground.


As I imagine it, those leaves would be colored gold like freshly fallen maple leaves in autumn … as gold as the thread that tethers one to another. Our differences may seem a multitude by appearance, but there are some key, foundational aspects we share …

We are “where the rubber meets the road.” It’s about each of us individually, our choice of bondage, our choice to eschew the path to freedom (liberation) or become a “master of acceptance.”

Each problem I imagine has a “way out” … and I sense it is woven into the fiber of the moment. Within one of the actors, the scene, or a word … it is there. But we see what we want to see. And our friend above has offered a reminder; one must want it with all your heart and that (it) is one’s main aim in life. The words sound familiar. Because they are. In fact, I wonder at times if we don’t cast writings and thoughts like this aside quickly because something within us is quite familiar with the message, knowing full well that “lingering” equals exposure.

In time.

Light into darkness.

But in the meantime, how many hells must we plunge ourselves into? Many have escaped Plato’s cave and returned to tell us that what we believe to be life is not. Many remained in place in that cave. Who knows what was going on within them. Were they simply tired? Were they frozen in fear of walking away from all they’ve known? Were they actually happy being where they were? Who knows. Perhaps the cave is empty by now.

Liberation (freedom), just as any word, is a symbol. Any one could feel it differently, beyond the definition … no matter what Webster may have to say about it. I do wonder at times what it means purely. Have you ever imagined what “true freedom” would be like? It’s almost like trying to imagine “God.” And here, our friend tell us that in order to know this ~

… one must be a master of acceptance.

Interestingly, this calls to mind the quote from Joel Goldsmith posted for this week under Fanning the Embers. I’ve come to a point that I understand it … in my mind … but “it” hasn’t become part of me. There are moments where I recognize it … but in the moment I really get it, I will never have to think it through again.

Imagine, problems arise and they are seen for what they are, leaving folks confused because the reaction doesn’t jibe with what they think is proper. I have a sense that is liberation from one particular … peculiar angle. And once fully realized, I can surely see how everything else becomes like “leaves on the ground.”

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