Gazing ahead …

The holiday season is upon us. First, Christmas, then we turn the page into a new year. For the moment, I’m gazing down the road to this coming Friday … late afternoon to be precise … when I’ll begin two weeks of vacation. Nothing special is planned. Some ideas flew around initially (about flying!) but I get the impression it is best to stay closer to home.

In doing so, I will begin building toward a better “practice.” That’s my intention … and I’ve been subtly making adjustments now, not awaiting a flick of the switch to launch a “new way” come January 1. Interestingly, the last six weeks or so of balancing work with healing from surgery, and as of the last few days, seeking to eradicate “a bug” that sneaked past the guard, has proven a catalyst to change. Indeed, the words have not flowed to this site as I had intended, but the foundation has been bolstered … resolve gathered, and I’m feeling more and more prepared … for “something.”

It’s moving.

And when it does, it takes many forms.

Therefore, it’s wise to pay special attention to the message … when the messenger is especially distasteful.

Enter my friend, “the bug” …

Fortunately, “he” is on his way out … without having to visit any doctors, utilizing “methods” that have proven quite effective in the past. But mind you, this “little” bug was quite formidable … and I was reminded a number of times how important it was to keep my focus, and not be lulled into thinking I had “knocked it out” before it was actually out for the count. But back to the message …


I was reminded how I needed to clean up my act. Nothing drastic, just lessen the presence of sugars and preservatives for the most part. I’ve known that for awhile, but although I love to cook, I seldom do it for myself … and opt for quick fixes (that usually involve boxes and Ziploc bags).

But that wasn’t the end of the message. In fact, that was just the part “showing.” Below the surface, I was/am reminded of something that strikes at the heart (spirit) of my practice. It was something I noted on journal pages from August of 2007:

ANONYMOUS 3 stages towards soul’s union w/God Purification – Illumination – Union

This came from the Meditations on the Tarot written by Anonymous. For the 1st stage noted – Purification. Sit with that for a while and see if you begin to squirm.

In fact, I’m going to take my leave for the moment … asking only that you allow that same Spirit which moved Anonymous to write those words, to move as well within you … to offer some idea of “why” they were important enough to include in the book.

Until the ‘morrow …

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