From a journal …

… these streams of thought flow together, coming to my attention after writing last about how subtle it is

The following were written on Sunday, July 16th of 2006. Many pages of the Moleskin were filled that day; many thoughts scattered and gathered back together. Near the end of that day, I wrote two bits that seemed to flow with what I shared yesterday. Take the lead if you will, from a journal, into life …

The wind stirs. A leaf cast to earth. Death begins @ birth. “New birth” begins in subtleties … beyond mortal conception. But it is. And it will be. Dying … to remember.


The passion and wonder of “beginning,”

Its call is melodic,

Its lure transfixing.

But why do I turn away? And find “beginnings” scattered at my feet.


Fires curling through my toes into my flesh, coursing the barrenness of my soul. Fill me with the power of change Alter me Mold me Break me FREE – that my heart be turned, a molten flow oozing to fill every cranny until I Am.

A beginning comes with those subtle recognitions. Many beginnings arise. Many may die. But there are moments where particular subtleties are exposed … and perhaps we see clearly how we have been fooled … until we get … pissed. Perhaps something snaps, where we see the game being played … and in an instant are ready to break the mold we’ve allowed to form around us. Dissolution. And arising from the ashes of the Phoenix destroyed, comes the new

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