For a while.

Evening has come here in North Carolina. For the first time since I’ve begun posting here, I missed a morning entry. There is much going … not unlike how it is for each and every one that may chance coming here. Next Wednesday, I will undergo surgery on a shoulder that has been taunting me for some time … and as it’s on my right side (the writing side), I am facing the reality of some “adjustments” to the way I live for a while … so I’ve been preparing for life being a bit “out-of-sorts.”

Mind you, the key phrase here is “for a while.” As I’ve been preparing for the coming week(s), it hasn’t passed awareness that there are many who … for one, were offered no opportunity to prepare for what they are dealing with … and secondly, don’t have an “end” in sight … to a place where they will have overcome the situation they’re in … and be back to normal.

It has caused me to think of all I have … and all that I think I don’t have. And in like manner, I bring this to each who may be reading in this moment. There are aspects of our life … our physical self … mental … or otherwise … that we see as being “less than perfect.” Indeed! Given the opportunity, what would you trade for “this or that?” And in so doing, what of all that you gained would make your life “better” … or “easier?” And as well, what would you “learn” by not having to deal with precisely what is before you?

The questions I pose are not unique. They have been offered by countless before me … and will surely be brought many more times again. But they are worthy a moment of time for consideration. Perhaps these questions are brought back time and again because “we” just don’t get it. We don’t see any purpose in our circumstance. We may think it’s a bad draw … a punishment … or whatever. And although I’ve certainly had moments where I’ve skirted such thoughts, what prevails is the notion … “get on with it already!”

Fortunately, I’ve been focused on these coming weeks as an opportunity to face life from a slightly different perspective. I won’t be able to come and go as I please. The “normal” ventures of life will be pulled off track … causing me to make adjustments. And it’s ok. Easy enough said by one who knows he’ll back to form in short order.

But hopefully I’ll get more from this moment than that. That’s what I trust will be the case.


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