Focus of the Magic man.

Life can certainly be hectic at times. “Responsibilities” claw at our days, minutes and hours syphoned away until little is left to pursue other interests. Such has been the case for me these last couple of days … but it’s my responsibility to maintain balance, doing what’s needed to return to the “true” work of the day.

The “Magic man,” introduced previously, offers great insight into the notion of maintaining our focus … knowing full well the ability to “concentrate” is pivotal to how our journey unfolds. As you may recall, I shared a quote in a previous post from “Meditations on the Tarot (5):”

“Learn at first concentration without effort; transform work into play; make every yoke that you have accepted easy and every burden you carry light.” (page 8)

Years ago, I remember hearing a taped message from Ann Davies, who took the reins of BOTA after the passing of Paul Foster Case. She was talking about how we focus our minds, specifically that we know how to do it quite well … and if we didn’t believe her, to simply consider how easy it is to keep a “new love” at the forefront of our thoughts … seemingly with little to no effort at all. Take a moment and think about that … and how “firey” those thoughts really were.

So it is, perhaps the way we approach something has a huge impact on our ability to focus … leading back to the question once more; “what do you want?” This thought has been quite humbling for me over the years, as I find myself not always “doing” the things I say I want to do. Sound familiar? I believe the Apostle Paul expressed his own frustrations about just this. We can all lose focus at times, but Anonymous offers a further hint on how to move forward in the quote shared above … “transform work into play.”

My primary focus with this site is “the Great Work” … and indeed it is “work” in the sense that it takes focused effort. So how can what is considered “work” be treated in the same manner as “play?” A valid question grasshopper … one that I’ve pondered myself at times. It seems that our personal definitions often get in the way. Semantics is a cruel master when it comes to matters of the spirit. The words seem more important than what they truly mean … because if conflicted “sides” ever came together to truly understand what the other “means” by this or that, there would be few less wars perhaps. Ya think? Perhaps … and perhaps not. It seems “man” may have some ulterior motives for war … but we’ll save that for another day.

So let’s back up a second and look at “work” and “play.” Both do require effort and focus. It’s easy with play … and a bit more challenging with work. Fair? Have you ever heard the advice given to a teenager as he’s going off to college; “do what you love, the money will follow.” Wise words, although it’s a fair assumption there are few who have seen this “wisdom” manifest in their lives. But what if, in the instance of this “spiritual work,” one realized it for what it is … a great adventure … one that we each “signed on” for … because we wanted to be here? Or better yet, we need to be here. Whether or not you “believe” in reincarnation or not, I’ll share something I heard once (from somewhere!) … that this life (yes, the one here on earth) is considered a tremendous blessing and opportunity by those who are still in the “spirit realm” … because they understand that much more can be accomplished here (to further one’s evolution) than after one has “passed on to paradise.” Intriguing.

But here’s the catch for me. That thought hits home. I have no problem at all believing that to be “true.” And so, in spite of all the uncomfortable stuff that can happen (and does!) … I usually get around (now) rather quickly to acknowledging how blessed I am. That subtle shifting of attitude that has evolved over time has helped me to approach this work with more anticipation … like a kid getting his gear on so he can play ball in the neighborhood.

That’s a start. But even when there’s “play” involved, there’s got to be “practice” … and although I would like to roll further this evening, I think I’m going to break off until the ‘morrow.

Until then, be well!


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