No Escape.

No Escape.

This phrase serves as a reminder. Perhaps it would be helpful if it was plastered across our world. Bumper stickers. Billboards. Full-page newspaper ads. Perhaps a Twitter or two?

Imagine the conversation. And if it’s a challenge to do so, simply externalize the chatter in your own mind this very moment.

No escape? No escape from what?

A number of months ago, a dear friend of mine had her house robbed. She was in between residences, at the “new” one, when unbeknownst to her, someone was tearing apart her “old” place. Much was taken, but likely the greatest loss was realized in jewelry. If I’m of karmic debt to be confronted. But what about the “little” stuff? What about all of those seemingly insignificant events … the ones that perhaps you are the only one privy to? Hmmmmm … can that ever be the case? Oh boy, that can stir dust off the “say what’s?!” … eh? And no, I’m not talking about an old, white-bearded dude sitting high in the sky … (not that there’s anything wrong with that 🙂 )



The bottom line is we don’t get away with anything. Oh, that’s not to say I always think and act in as if I get it. I’m about as human as they come. A bit “forgetful” I’m afraid. But somewhere along the line I remember. I may be drawn to take the opportunity for a “one up” … or act in a manner as if “I deserve this.” Inherent in both of these phrases is an ever subtle hint of … hmmmm … guilt … as we subtly slip a finger on the scale of justice? Perhaps that’s it … “guilt” being a whisper from our core … a reminder … that we’re being watched.


In my estimation, it isn’t punishment or reward, it’s simply the pulse of Life … ebbing and flowing. Nothing can be hidden. All will eventually be flushed out in the crashing of one wave … or the gentle flow of another.

No Escape.

I wonder if all the placards, billboards, and Twitters would matter? Or if the majority would still opt for the path of “evolution?”


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