Entertaining Angels unaware.

What is it that draws us to accept another as worthy? Does it all hinge on what they have to offer us? Do we see only clothes? Physical attractiveness? Stature? Talent? Will “knowing” them bring us benefit?

These are hard questions … and only we, individually, know the answer.

Do we see clearly when we look into another man’s eye? Do we see past the veneer into the essence of the man? Is there something that calls us to pause … to linger … but we turn away because their appearance repels … or because there is something within us drawing us away? Is that leading of our true Self? Or is our hesitation based elsewhere?

These questions bring answers that, in the shadows, bear reflection of our very selves.

From Hebrews 13:2 ~ “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.”

Is the one with a presence known, for a price, the one who will guide us to where we need to be? Perhaps.

Is the one who is known throughout the lands the one who has a message worthy to hear? Perhaps.

But what about the one who slips into the shadows of life? Could it be that great wisdom and wealth is held by one who seems to have nothing? Could it be that the one who seeks no gain has the most to give?

These are questions worthy consideration.

These are questions that I hope call each of us to pause a moment. For they have … and do … cause me to do just that.

Years ago I was challenged by the notion that the great masters of this world … the ones that “hold” this theater in order … are the ones most overlooked. They are the ones who may be a clerk at the local convenience store … or perhaps have no job at all. But all the while, beyond the sight of meandering man, they lift up prayers and encouragement that we will awaken. They help keep it from falling apart.

We are most often drawn by that which feeds the ego … that ever-slight chameleon.

We are most often drawn by that which keeps us bound to the status quo.

See clearly … for in so doing, you may be offered a treasure beyond compare.

But yet it will not be seen with mortal eyes.

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