From “Meditations on the Tarot (5),” written anonymously and published in 1980 (in French), comes a few words concerning “effort.” These are seeds which, if set right, will produce flower and fruit in due season. Your heart is the soil ~ your meditations, nutrients drawn from the core. Consider as you will. Perhaps your time has come …

“Learn at first concentration without effort; transform work into play; make every yoke that you have accepted easy and every burden you carry light.” (page 8)

“It is therefore useless to strive to concentrate oneself if the will is infatuated with something else.” (page 9)

What do you want?

Journal note: Even as I write these words, I’m drawn once again to how they are for me. So it is, when my mind drinks them in, “I” replace each second or third person. I’m reminded of something I read years ago in Depak Chopra’s book “The Way of the Wizard,” in essence … be completely selfish and become a wizard. The “wizard” is not concerned with “ordinary” magic. His can never perish or become out-dated because it is of the eternal seed. And although his (“selfish”) concentration begins with “I,” it is fully understood “that” is where it all begins. This is quite a humbling thought, as it reminds (me) there is truly “no escape.” I cannot slough off this life, this journey, to another … no matter what the circumstance. If I truly want to walk fully as the man I Am intended to be, I must begin within my Self. That is the narrow way … the path of the Christ.

Enjoy the weekend.

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