• Consideraton for this site and its content – If you explore this site to any extent at all, it will be evident I believe in giving credit where credit is due.  In kind, if you find something (original) here you enjoy and would like to share elsewhere, I welcome you to do so … but I do ask that you would link said material to this site.

For the following I offer thanks … and “props“:

  • The Gate.  All of the images here are personal or linked to the creator except (at this moment) one that is used in the header carousel … the “mysterious” gate.  I found it quite a while ago when this site was just beginning to swirl around in my mind.  The URL I wrote down was:  Unfortunately, it doesn’t link anymore … so if anyone happens to have info on how I can offer just considerations, please send me a note.
  • WordPress.  First, if you don’t know much about these folks … they’re “the bomb!”  Not only do they offer a powerful platform for creating sites and blogs, but it is “open source”, meaning, not only is there is no charge for its use, but there is a “community” of folks that are responsible for bringing it all into being … and they are, for the most part, unpaid volunteers.  Second, although I was a new user, with no experience in this “realm”, I had a vision for what I wanted the site to look like but struggled mightily with procrastination.  During an online search for a possible “mentor,” I came across WordCamp … and found a meeting in Ohio where they were going to spend the first day of instruction dedicated to “new users.”  And guess what?  I found that the folks leading the various segments were all volunteers as well.  (I think the world could take a lesson or so from these folks’ playbook!)  So, I’m very thankful on these two counts … leading to one more:
  • Jan.  In spite of picking up quite a bit of knowledge during my first camp, I was still moving along at a snail’s pace and realized I simply needed to bend the learning curve a bit more.  After one of the sessions in Ohio, I asked a lady sitting in front of me if she “knew anything about this stuff?” … and within a few moments, she was by my side offering assistance.  The following week, I decided to give her a shout and see if she was available to help me … and she was.  (Jan, thank you again for helping me over the hump!)  And if you would like to know how she can help you as well, click her name and you’ll be sitting on her doorstep.  Oh, and when you see her, tell her “sojourner” says Hi!
  • Catch Box – I spent a fair amount of time considering what theme would work best for what I desired … a tall task for one who didn’t know exactly what he was looking for!  But in the end I found this theme and I couldn’t be more pleased.  For that reason, I would like to acknowledge these folks … for offering this fine piece of work for WordPress users.  Thank you!
  • Marble background – found on this cool site.
  • Bark background – as experimentation creeps forward, I found this site as well.
  • Background for posts and pagesthis link is great for subtle textures.
  • Images of “Tree of Life” or Tarot – The colored images used are from the work of Paul Foster Case (BOTA).  Those in B&W are from the Ryder Waite deck, and are courtesy of the Tarot Institute.
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