Clearing a place at the table.

I have mentioned a couple or more times in my writing thus far, “it is time.”

Ah yes, indeed.

As the new year comes, I have considered how best to re-frame the structure of my “practice.”  Surely this sounds rigid for some, but with a nativity ruled by Saturn, I’m quite at home with a framework.  I’m reminded of the Chariot card in the Tarot … “the fence” … of how it provides a “safe place” to develop and grow until the time comes for the boundaries to be expanded … again and again, until the fencing is as expansive as one’s imagination.

And today I was drawn to that framework.  It’s a starting point mind you … and it will change if necessary, but it will be where I focus my energy for now.

The pivot point will come in the form a book that’s been on my shelf for a number of years.  I never did read it through, for whatever reason … but it came to mind a number of times over the last couple of days and after spending some time with it this morning, it was confirmed (within) beyond any shadow of doubt, I have been clearing a place at the table for:

Edwin Steinbrecher’s The Inner Guide Meditation.

This will be my springboard … as it will continue to lead me further into my studies with astrology and the Tarot, as well as blending with Jungian psychology, esoteric Christianity, and the Western Mystery tradition (which is in sync with the work of BOTA).


The “busyness” of life has an amazing way of creeping in on us.  Such has been the case for me the last few years.  I have certainly maintained some degree of balance, as I don’t believe one can compartmentalize their lives anyway … but I do recognize the need to be more  “focused.”  I have not been in full control … and I know it.

Enter Edwin this day with just a few words to stir the embers (p. 17):

It is only when we learn that the foundation of our realities lies within that we find ourselves on the road to individual freedom and consciousness, no longer able to take the role of victim of circumstances.  How long have we heard of the “Kingdom within” without really understanding what it means?  Free will is not a “given.”  It must be earned, and the price of consciousness and free will is the death and rebirth of the current ego.

He is addressing the mechanics of projection … and the need for each of us to follow the mirrored images “outside” of ourselves back to the energies repressed deep within our unconscious.  He continues (p. 19):

All of our repressed or suppressed energies take on the qualities of the levels of darkness in which they exist.  The qualities of the level of unconsciousness in which they live within us determine how they manifest out in our worlds.  When we push our own creative energies away from the awareness of our egos, we will draw to ourselves creative people who will live those energies out for us.  When we push our hate into the darkness, we will draw the hateful into our worlds so that those energies can have their expression.  All that we brand “bad” or “evil” in our worlds act as mirrors of our own unconsciousness.  Jesus’ advice to “Love thine enemies” is good contemporary advice, for nothing heals and brings forth our negative parts transformed, within and without, as does the power of love.

As is and will continue to be the case for me, I tend toward taking smaller bites.  Indeed, I do still have my moments of “gulping” … where I could scarcely tell you what it was that passed my (proverbial) lips … but for the most part, I want to savor what is put before me.

As for what was shared above, there is great deal to consider.  In fact, if I hold this in the fore over the coming weekend, it will assuredly be beneficial.  If you choose to do so as well, I welcome you.  It may not be comfortable at all times, but unseating an embedded tyrant never is …

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