Choose fear or Love.

Two forces.
Two energies.
Two choices.
In any given moment, a decision will be based on one or the other.
Will I choose fear or Love?


But do I even recognize the difference?

I suppose a dictionary would be helpful right now, but then again, words struggle to reach the depths of what the heart and spirit know. That being said, if unsure, I would imagine a moment or so in contemplation would provide clarity. Perhaps?

For the most part, I sense we do know the difference, although fear does share traits with the ever-slight one … the chameleon. It can be quite deceptive … elusive. We can carry particular patterns of action, speech, and thought, unaware that they are fueled by an underlying fear … of whatever. This is part of the journey. Man know thyself ~ in turn discovering the wonder of this life.

We know that life is rolling out before each of us day in, day out … full bore. Moment to moment, we make decision after decision, about how we will respond … to whatever.

What will we see? How will we act? What will we say? How will we feel?

The answers are clues to the energy dominating the response. The contemplative practice of daily instrospection, recommended by Daskalos (1), comes to mind as a valuable tool in following those clues. Perhaps? Indeed.

A choice is rooted in either fear or Love. It becomes the motivator, the reserve, the underlying guiding principle. Recognizing this is a first step … with a couple of footnotes:

Remember ~ Fear is fearful, especially of Love … because if allowed in, its entire house will crumble. On the other hand, Love fears nothing.

None of us are bound by fear, because of a choice we made a moment ago. There will always be a new moment with a new opportunity to choose.

It’s pretty safe to say we have all made choices prompted by fear’s influence. As well, it’s pretty safe to say we have made choices where Love’s influence reigned. Leave the past in the past. Move forward this day … as new. There will be many more decisions coming for each of us; each one demanding a choice.

Prepare yourself now.

Hidden beneath the facade of all fear is That which simply awaits an opportunity to reveal Itself.

Choose for this moment, Love. Practice Love, so you will know it intimately … until there is no choice … until fear has no voice.

And now, as a means to begin (or continue) that practice, I welcome you to listen to the song that prompted this writing.

Thank you Mr. Shawn Gallaway for the reminder.

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