Choose a color.

If an image of your life was placed before you in this very moment … the varying aspects displayed like a naked page from a coloring book, and you were asked to choose a color to begin filling in the empty spaces, what color would you choose?  What color would be most representative of “where” you are?

Does the answer arise from a mind searching a library of experience for a “favorite?”  Or does it flow from the emotion that colors your experience even as you read these words?

Indeed, the colors chosen may vary with the moment.  But if they do, depending on how wide the variance … is this the way you desire it to be?

The colors used on the pages of my life have varied.  There have been the bright, the dull, the dark … there have been those that seemed to morph with the slightest leaning of perspective.  Many were born of the ever-slight one … the elusive chameleon, my companion.  He portrays himself my confidant.  I, his willing ear … mind, feet, and hand.  Right, wrong, or otherwise.  He has long insisted that I need him … and in a sense I do.  I need him … to know him, that I may know that Self I truly Am.

It is surely a mystery, why I’m led to “see” as I do.  Why I interpret this life, my life … as I do.  At times it all seems like rubbish … but yet as I butt up against the stark “realities” others experience … their pains and struggles, with my own … I cannot shake the notion there is much more than what appears.  Ah yes, it is all indeed “mysterious” … such a wonderful word.  A veil and a passageway rolled into one.

And perception will be our usher.

What color will I choose?  How will I interpret all that I see around me?  Is it dark and foreboding, bringing fear as its shadow?  Or could the darkened color be a veil … with a bright and brilliant hue just beyond?

I think I need to pause a moment before I decide upon the color I will choose …

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