The chair by the window.

Following is a journal piece from “some time” ~

Be in the moment.

Just as the rising sun sweeps away the darkness, one’s rising awareness casts aside all but the splendor of the moment … here and now.  Each morning the sun reminds me of Light’s impact on darkness … as the latter naturally succumbs to its presence.

As evening wanes, I come to the place in my home where I have spent countless hours with a book, pen and paper, and/or silence.  Oh, if this chair could speak!  It would know the myriad moments of joy and sorrow I have experienced and expressed.  It could recite the words I have read aloud, as well as the thoughts which have clamored for their master.

On this particular evening I was drawn to the bookshelf, in a moment choosing the “Hua Hu Ching,” a collection of Lao Tsu’s “unknown teachings.”  And as is my habit, the book is opened to “wherever” … and it is there I begin ~


“The highest truth cannot be put into words.  Therefore the greatest teacher has nothing to say.”

Humbling to say the least … as more words arise on this page … with more spoken, books upon books released … earnest words, pouring from hearts filled, spilling onto pages … wanting for something … but what?

In the chair by the window, the most sacred moments were without words.  It’s somewhere within nothing that everything is found.  Nothing isn’t terribly sexy.

But in that particular moment, it must have been what I needed … because I stopped and returned to it.

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