A breath of fresh air.

That is one of the thoughts that comes to mind as I sit here considering this Christmas season. The year often becomes stale until these days draw nigh, when folks begin to remember some basics of humanity … like kindness and generosity.

Granted, it is surely not always the case … but I will offer the latter but a glance, a wink, and a nod. For … just as with those that hold this season in contempt, I simply say, “what a shame.” For in truth, the same seeds that begin budding in many with the unveiling of lights and tinsel, lay dormant, yet expectant, deep in the shadows of every other man’s soul.

Have been among their company in that day?

Would I have had the sensitivity to see what others could not? And if indeed I did “see” … would I have had the strength to forgo any and all ridicule to make the journey to the stable?

Breathe that breath of fresh air. Again and again.

And as it swirls into the lungs … merging with our inner self … continuing to merge and meander the inner hallways to the crystal cavern … gently bringing the embers to glow … just a bit more …

… with each breath of fresh air offered … in each thought upon the baby born this day.

Perhaps I will have the opportunity to trust as the shepherds and those wise men. And perhaps each of these breaths taken are preparing me for just that …

Who knows the form it may take, but one thing is for certain … there won’t be a line of folks going forward with me. There is seldom a crowd where courage is required.


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