Available light.

Watching the skies, I track the sun. When and where does it shine brightest … and for how long? From there the garden is planned, planted, and nurtured.

Light. It is one of those vital, life-enabling aspects of this journey. But what’s intriguing is how little a plant may really need and still thrive. Indeed, “more” may be better … but one only has to pay attention during a walk near a forest’s edge to realize that some sun worshiping plants can get quite comfortable and bloom in some rather peculiar places.

They learn how to take advantage of the available light.

Such can be the case for us humans as well. Take the “light” and twirl it about to the inner aspects of life. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. That kind of light. How adept are we at seizing upon the slivers of “light” offered us … let alone that which seems obvious? Some have certainly shown us it is possible to take the slightest speck as a spark to wondrous creation. In fact, all of us have likely had our opportunities.

… make the most of the available light …

This phrase is at the core of the following song I found a few years back, written and performed by Willy Porter. He spins it from both aspects … setting it to a tight spiral capable of piercing our armor … if allowed.

Are you up for the test?

Perhaps, as we become more adept at seizing the available light, we will find …

… a new way to see what was out of sight …

… becoming like the …

… blind man smiling, the sun on his face …

… realizing …

Honey, what we don’t have, we don’t need anyway.


Ok … now that you have that … it’s time for recess! It’s time to catch … a Moonbeam ala Willy! Indeed, “light” in a different form … but still capable of transformation. It’s funny to come across someone like this fellow … about 60,000 views on the following video, while others of far less talent garner millions. Fascinating. But … this could be due to Willy’s approach to music … a passion that seeks expression face-to-face … seeming to thrive on the smaller venues like Jammin’ Java, a place in Northern Virginia where I saw him a few years back. Humility, humor … and some slick licks personify this fellow … and that seems to be enough … except of course, I should add, he seems to be a pretty good egg.

Hey there little moonbeam!

Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK5eP1kes0A May you use the light well!

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