A step beyond science.

A moment of pause.

This past weekend, I came upon a few sites that provided a measure of inspiration and I thought it would be worthwhile to bring some to you this week.  My intent is not to declare what is true, but to simply offer them because I believe it worthwhile to consider possibilities.

Following is a story from the life of Jill Bolte Taylor, shared during a TED talk(And just In case you’re interested in entertaining new, intriguing “ideas,” I encourage you to follow the link!) 

She is a scientist – a neuroanatomist – sister to a brother diagnosed with schizophrenia, who eventually had an opportunity to experience the workings of the brain in a deeply personal way, from the inside out.  She had an opportunity to take a step beyond science and see from a different perspective … doing so with a wonderful blending of knowledge and wit.

With that, I will leave you to determine whether her words carry a message worthy your consideration.  (note: follow the link, as this particular video didn’t seem to want to embed!)

Thank you Jill Bolte Taylor … and all others who assisted in bringing this message to the fore.


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