The past month or so has been a whirlwind in regard to seeing this site morph into something readable. This (obviously) is not the first post, but I’m “sticking” it here as a means of sharing a few introductory comments:

  • In regard to content, I am usually writing about topics that require books vs. paragraphs to dig into their essence, so I simply trust that what comes is what is necessary for the moment. I’ve noticed that if given a topic to write on for an entire week, what comes to paper is markedly different every day. Early on, this was a bit confounding to me, to reduce spam, I have chosen to “hold” them for moderation. As I learn more about the technology, this may change.
  • In this early stage of creation, I have already witnessed how bringing this site “into being” has subtly forced me to re-focus. The experience is both sweet and humbling. Perhaps you will be blessed in like manner.

Welcome … unto the gate.  

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