Tripping the trigger.

Do you know what “trips your trigger?” It’s the “line crossed” … the “button pushed” … whatever it is that pushes you “over the edge” emotionally. It’s a pretty safe bet we all have them. If not, perhaps we’re talking about a saint … or perhaps a hermit who has forsaken all human contact, thereby dodging all the mirrors that scream “yes, I’m lookin’ at you!”

As well, there’s likely a huge variance in how the emotional tremors are manifest, quite likely reflective of the “personality” of the individual. I’m sure you know of someone you would consider to be “firey” … or “emotional.” They “wear their emotions from a Yogic perspective. The examples given are indeed helpful but not exclusive. There are no bounds to the particulars of how one may learn to sublimate the energies of emotion but if you consider your own “leanings” with the examples given, I suspect you’ll know precisely the direction to follow.

The greatest tool we have been given to navigate the path before us is our mind. It is far more than a hunk of matter held in the skull. I hope you at least recognize this. It’s “potential” reaches far beyond a body, and it is through its proper use that we rise above circumstance and foolishness to become what we are intended to be. With the use of this mind, we have the ability to master the forces that rumble around within us … emotions that can toss us around like a dingy in the ocean … emotions that can negatively impact the focus of our mind … upon the desires Spirit guides us toward.

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