Tribe.  A community.  Individuals bound together without force or mandate.  They share a history, a connection, reaching to the core of the collective.  They know it.  It doesn’t have to be taught … if it is remembered.

But we know humans have a knack of forgetting.

And so, we need to be reminded.  Indeed, oft times we need to be reminded time and again.  Following are words stirred into the manifest by guidance shared with a young boy by his grandmother.  The boy was a young Willy Porter.  As you consider his message and watch him perform the song for a group of youngsters, I hope you are stirred to re-member … allowing the mystical an opportunity to chip away at the barrier we share … separating us one from another.

She taught us to dance to the sacred music
Taught us respect for every tribe
Taught us to question the power
said do not enlist and don’t subscribe

You’re only beginning, you’ve only begun

Tried to keep us safe from falling
While she pushed us to the edge
Tried to be a full-grown woman
While we were sleepin’ in our beds

She said you know there’s no stupid questions
Only fools who like to speak
Try to break through your restrictions
See how far your soul can reach

You’re only beginning, you’ve only begun
You’re only beginning to become

It’s gonna be the most you see
It’s gonna grow farther than you and me
Gotta trust it, put your faith in it
Never try and question when
You’re gonna step in it

She’s a raging river, she’s a storm at sea
She’s an arrow in the quiver of the warrior in me
Sweeter than an apple, right off the tree
Does her pollen dance, for the other honey bee


We are forever tethered.  Granted, this is beyond the conscious thought of most, but not all.  The relative few who have allowed the scales to fall from their eyes, seeing anew, continue their gentle encouragement toward forgiveness and healing.  If but we pay heed to their quiet voices, perhaps we will muster the strength … the will … to arise from our knees bent to the global clang and clatter.

I trust we will.

But that which will befall us if we totter will surely be uncomfortable.  Remember though dear brother and sister, it is not the truth which is uncomfortable, but the setting aside of our steady diets of practiced lies.

This song reaches beyond what I’ve shared here and I welcome you each to contemplate the message, allowing Spirit the opportunity to work in its peculiar way intended just for you.  And who knows, perhaps you’ll be carried back to the words shared by your own grandmother or another … and re-member a bit more.

Peace to each of you.

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