Towards the transformation.

When I was “gazing ahead” last week, I introduced the three stages taken in our soul’s journey toward union with God. As this was prompted by a journal entry, I decided Tarot (5) to refresh my mind … and stir the waters.

If you’re interested, you will find it, beginning on page 351, in the chapter, “Letter XIII Death” … as in the Death card of the Tarot. Here’s a peek at BOTA’s version of the card:

BOTA version of Key 13
BOTA version of Key 13

If one isn’t familiar with the Tarot, this card could be quite a challenge to sit with, let alone embrace. But before you turn away, be reminded the Tarot is intended to be a symbolic encyclopedia of sorts. Granted, heads and hands scattered at the feet of a scythe-wielding skeleton can be rather imposing … but beware appearances! The symbols we encounter stir us … just like a stick in the water barrel … often in ways we’re not conscious of … but surely with purpose.

This card is all about transformation. The astrological sign of Scorpio and the eighth house are both associated with it … both tied to the notion of moving from one state to another. As Anonymous says (p. 352):

“If the soul’s mystical union with God is (the) forgetting of the phenomenal world and recall of God, death is simultaneously the call from above and forgetting below.”

In turn, “purification” involves a “call” toward something … and a “forgetting” of another.

Perhaps the forgetting is what we fear. Perhaps we need certainty before we can take even a step from what we’ve come to believe as real. (Good luck with that!)

This is what each of us must reconcile within ourselves.

It has been a long process for this sojourner. I am drawn forth … by a call that I hear even if it be as a whisper. I have stumbled, fallen, been waylaid, but I will continue. There is that “something” within that knows.

I leave you with words from St. John of the Cross in A Spiritual Canticle (204-205), as shared by Anonymous in Meditations on the Tarot (351):

… all the powers of the soul together, because of the union in the inner cellar, drink of the Beloved … This draught of God’s most deep wisdom makes the soul forget the things of this world, and consider all its previous knowledge, and the knowledge of the whole world besides, as pure ignorance in comparison …

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