Too many angels.

Often a song can touch us without our knowing the artist’s intended message. In my estimation, that is a perfect song. Do I truly know the reason I am writing a piece? Surely I have my notions, but there’s likely far more at hand than I recognize. That, in my estimation, hints that the artist is releasing him/herself, becoming fully unimpeded as a channel for something far greater. From that point of release, who knows how it will expand once it rests with the spirit of a receiver.

When a message needs to come, it will find it’s way to whomever, wherever they may be … in perfect time.

Sometimes a song reaches into us, takes a finger hold on our spirit … and goes. When it happens, it’s meant to … or at least that’s how I sense it. Where it takes us, only can be known in the moment, but perhaps healing has something to do with it.

I speak of shadows … because I know they exist. And in those shadows are things that haunt us. For whatever reason, they have evaded the light, but they are there … their presence known when a trigger is tripped.

Songs are good for that. A turn of the phrase … the blending of meter and melody … tripping a trigger … then cometh a tear … for some reason too many angels.

Every time this song plays, I wonder about its meaning. I have my ideas, and they all seem come back to the same image … of angels watching over us.

An inspiration? Not as defined by some I suspect, but it is for me. It is a reminder that all is known … that there is surely no escape … with one catch. I do see an end in sight. I know that stepping out in the morning sun begins with me.

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