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“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause;

This site is an effect.  The cause?  If pressed, I would likely point to a journal entry penned years ago when I lived in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  It’s one of the few, if not only, entries in red ink … because, as these “thoughts” came to mind during a time of quiet, my red Zebra was the closest pen to hand.  That journal entry will be shared in full as this site begins to unfold, but suffice it to say, albeit never mentioned by word, I knew that what was being described on the journal pages that evening was … a garden.

A miniature version of what I envisioned did come about on the acre of land I rented there in the valley up until 2011.  It was quite a trip helping one another along during the last four or five years in Virginia … many hours of toil interspersed with poignant moments of unbridled joy and countless blessings.  It began as something I was drawn to do, something to pour myself into … something to keep my hands busy.  It ended up changing me.

Aleph's Garden
ready and awaiting winter’s rest

I remember encountering moments of frustration … as I felt it was “my” responsibility to help bring this magnificent garden into being, on a much grander scale than was possible on my “little acre,” and in a place where it could grow for years to come, but yet I was floundering in doubt and hesitation.  At some point, a thought came and lingered … that this garden already exists.  Although these words may confuse or repel many, at that moment in time, they felt quite comfortable, like a refreshing breeze on an otherwise stagnant day.

This “garden” is a place where healing is realized.  It is a place we are guided to instinctively, often unbeknownst to us.  But yet, who’s to say “what” it looks like, or indeed “where” it is.  I have a suspicion we are all brought before its gate, time and again, but more often than not, fail to see.  This is precisely why you find a grainy, misty picture of a gate in the header.  It fits the bill for how I imagine it … peculiar and out-of-place, with nothing (seemingly) beyond its threshold.  How often have we stood right there?  And how could the landscape change if we were willing to take one more step?

So, this site becomes one man’s experience of the path unto that gate … and of glimpses just beyond its threshold.  It becomes the land … at least for the moment.  Here, it will have a place to root.  The thoughts, the ideas, the words … they are all seeds sown with purpose, each one holding the full potential to become precisely what it was intended to be.  As to what fruit and/or flower will unfold, and in what season, I haven’t a notion.  And I’m not terribly concerned.  Somewhere along the line, we each need to do what we’re drawn (in good conscience) to do.  Setting aside concerns for recognition, compensation, and destination, the intent should simply be to “follow your bliss” (as our dear brother Joseph Campbell penned).  From there, everything will fall into place … eventually … and perhaps in even more spectacular fashion than ever could be imagined.

Herein lies writings on the journey thus far … the inner workings of this sojourner laid bare for those who see beyond the verbal garb.  There are moments of insight intermingled with questions and doubt … moments of healing realized and pain discovered … held together by an ever-present thread of faith … that this journey taken has purpose.  While I suspect there will be those who may find some benefit from what is shared here, I know full well that the processes that will lead each piece to being seen, will in turn test me for validation.

In a time where it seems a master, expert, professional, or guru can be found on every corner website, this particular nook can boast none of the above.  You will have opportunity to learn a bit more about “this sojourner,” but you will find he’s a rather simple man with a healthy dose of “humanness” about him (in other words, no matter how he may “seem,” he’s still got his “stuff”).  It’s a challenge to separate the site from the author but “it” is far bigger than “me” … because it includes any one of you that chooses to visit here, even if but for a moment.

So, it’s time to put this piece to rest.  Each of you is welcome at the garden’s gate.  An appropriate starting place would be the “Welcome” post, from there, perhaps beginning with the earliest post and moving forward … as this is a process of building … from the ground up.  Consider as you will.  Go as deep as you dare … and perhaps you will find our minds meeting, greeting, and even taking a turn or two in a grand dance of sorts.  If you wish, offer your earnest thoughts, questions, and/or comments.  As time allows, I will respond in kind … with the ultimate desire being that we both move a step closer to re-membering.


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